The pandemic has brought many changes in recent years, streamlining, and improving business, going from a physical location to a digital one, which impacts finances and the dynamics of commerce.

• Greater and better access to the market

Conventional physical stores have been affected, especially during the pandemic. That is why we have had an increase in virtual stores as part of the solution.

A physical store has access to the local market, e-commerce has the facility that the public of any place can purchase the product without having to move from their home or workplace. There is no region limit or target audience, especially since e-commerce gives the product visibility.

• International reach

Creating an e-commerce with IONOS facilitates the internationalization of the company, since there is no need to expand physically, since you can sell in other countries through a virtual store.

• Sales independent of the schedule

Another very important advantage of virtual stores is that there is no time limit, they work 24/7, 365 days a year, which allows generating sales at all times, increasing them.

• Flexibility

Virtual stores or e-commerce do not know about time or space, they offer that flexibility to both customers and the business.

• Reduction of personnel and costs

Virtual stores or e-commerce do not require a fixed location, or people who serve the public, which allows a great reduction in costs and facilitates sales logistics.