Sustainable logistics

At TICAL we contribute with actions of social good and environmental Protection.

The main objective is to promote sustainability among the companies that make up Grupo Tical Holding.

In order to provide a contribution to sustainable development as of August 2019, the group has the Sustainable Logistics Pillar, which promotes a responsible and sustainable management approach mong the companies that make up Grupo Tical Holding.

This initiative seeks to generate synergies, as well as involve and sensitize the different interest groups about its importance. In this way, Tical assumes a role in promoting and fostering Social Responsibility.

It is a firm commitment of the General Management for the construction of a sustainable company, leading by example and promoting responsible management models.

This commitment is part of various voluntary initiatives and measures aimed at promoting sustainability from a broad social, environmental, economic and good governance perspective.

Luis Guillermo R.
CEO de Grupo Tical.


We´re the only Logistics Operator in
Costa Rica with a project of more than
2000 solar panels.