Tical is a logistics operator that provides its clients with a portfolio of solutions design services.

We are a world-class trade and industry facilitator; with presence in the Central American isthmus, Mexico and the USA, which is extremely gratifying for our more than 1,300 employees.

Beyond a service, Tical demonstrates a commitment every day in every transaction. It is with this passion that our collaborators go the extra mile to synchronize each link in our clients' supply chain.

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Airfreight Services

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  • As an International Air Transport Association (IATA) agent for all major airlines.
  • Our specialists help you save money with solutions that focus on quick transit.
  • Constant communication, consolidation, intermodal opportunities.
  • Full charter air freight.
  • On-board courier, consolidation.
  • Back-to-back.
  • Compliance and documentation support.
  • Local business practice knowledge.
  • Peak period capacity solutions.
  • Domestic air services: deferred, time definite, next flight out, and charter.
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Customs Agency

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  • Customs agency throughout the region
  • Import and export procedures
  • Special regimes procedures
  • Advice on international trade and legislation
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TICAL Ocean Freight Services

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Our sea freight portfolio includes:


  • Full container shipping solutions.
  • Less-than-container Load (LCL).
  • Reefer Logistics - Cold chain solutions.
  • Project Logistics.
  • Order Management for International Supply Chains powered by the collaborative platform to manage supply chain partners and optimize end-to-end operational processes and information flows.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Ocean Containers 20’s, 40’s 45’s, Dry and Refrigerated, High Cube Containers.
  • Flat-racks Specialized Containers 20’s & 40’s
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Tical Warehousing Services

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Customer service requirements our regional warehouse facilities in Central America and Mexico.


Systems & Equipment


  • Warehouse management system (ORACLE-WMS) that complements its highly efficient physical operation.
  • Temperature Controlled Environments – Pharma and Retail Sectors
  • Strategic distribution networks from among its warehouses to improved service levels and minimize cost we review our client’s order patterns, inventory needs, transportation flows and overall requirements to build a customized solution that dynamically responds to changing needs and configure a more cost-effective distribution network from among these facilities.
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Tical International Transportation Services

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  • Leader in FTL and LTL less-than-truckload transportation.
  • Dry and refrigerated trucking service and are proud to acknowledged that we are the leading LTL providers between Central America and Mexico trade-lane.
  • Speed – Next-day and two-day lanes.
  • Reliability – One of the largest, most modern and safest-equipped fleets in the industry.
  • Flexibility – All types of commodities accepted.
  • Expertise – Over 30 years of experience as an LTL carrier.
  • Business intelligence – Data-driven reporting and custom analytics
  • Multinational – Negotiated terms for service in Mexico and Central America
  • Multimodal – Access to TICAL’s complete range of transportation and logistics solutions
  • Security and Compliance
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Life Science

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    TICAL provides full material management and distribution fully compliant with the Life Science healthcare sectors such as temperature controlled and a pharmacist on staff to ensure full compliance protocols are adhered to when handling controlled substances, for our Retail sector we provide temperature-controlled facilities at ambient or specific refrigerated temperature.
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Bonded Warehouse

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  • Airline import terminal
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Inventory Management
  • Re-exports
  • Dry and / or multi-temperature warehouses
  • Handling of high value merchandise and / or with special requirements
  • Information Technology Connectivity
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  • We provide transportation between CEDIS, all modes of transport units, dry controlled temperature and frozen.
  • We have secondary transportation in all modalities up to the point of sale directly and with routing.
  • We manage the routes through the logistics management system.
  • We have certified drivers (RCONTROL)
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Distribution Center

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  • Inventory management.
  • Order Placement.
  • Routing and dispatch.
  • Returns management.
  • Quality control.
  • Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Warehousing:
    • Dry
    • Refrigerated
    • Below zero
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  • Drug labeling
  • Re-labeling and repackaging
  • Revision of labels
  • Case Printing
  • Medication packaging
  • Thermoforming
  • Inkjet printing
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PO Management

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  • Monitor the progress of every purchase order in real-time.
  • From communicating with vendors to ensuring contractual compliance after placing a purchase order.
  • Streamlined and centralized electronic purchase order management software system, organizations can encounter unnecessary purchase order management bottlenecks that can decrease their bottom line, foment miscommunication, and increase error-filled purchase orders.
  • Our solutions allow our Customer’s to carefully manage their complete Order to Cash cycle while Tical engages in a complete end to end Order Management fulfillment including managing your Vendor’s KPI’s performance.
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