Welcome to Tical!

Dear customers

Our company is proud to be a Central American multilatina. Being born in a country full of culture, passion, pride, work, and a spirit of improvement has been our reason for being, these attributes, immersed in the DNA of Luis A. Ramírez and Clara I. Maroto, were the reason to found Tical in 1973.

Over four decades Tical has overcome enormous obstacles in order to consolidate a business group focused on three pillars: logistics, finance and real estate.

From a simple genesis, Mr. Ramírez had the vision to transcend beyond logic, to create a company with very solid values. A unique vision of innovating and being a reference in the market with a personalized service offer which today marks our course and places us as leaders; it is our identity.

Our customers identify us as a world-class trade and industry facilitator in the Central American isthmus and Mexico, which is extremely gratifying for our more than 1,300 employees. Beyond a service, Tical demonstrates a commitment every day in every transaction. It is with this passion that our collaborators go the extra mile to synchronize each link in our clients' supply chain.

“We love what we do, we take pride in being here and serving our customers! Thank you very much for entrusting us with your supply chain. "

Anyone who knows about logistics knows that every day the challenges we experience are complex, they demand the maximum of our abilities, creativity, tenacity, resilience, perfectionism and thousands of other qualifications to achieve the success of our clients. This capacity for innovation is our reason for being and we transmit it to our clients, being able to achieve their proposed objectives, a vision that our founder inherited from us.

Today the world demands more and more from service companies. Tical is constantly preparing to achieve the leading position in the industry through an unprecedented investment in technology, human capital, quality management system, safety, quality management indicators, which leads us to a unique continuous improvement process.

Welcome once again to Tical. This is your service portal to achieve the success of your business.


Luis G. Ramírez